iQube V5 a revolution in portable HiFi

As fourth in line the iQube V5 was designed to surpass all predecessors. A full digital, including DSD and HiRes SPDIF and more powerful analogue section. Longer stamina by a Lion power cell for more than 60 hours of listening pleasure.

DIY parts & Connectors

As one of the sole in the world Qables provides sale of single iPad/iPhone connectors and Hi-End as well as parts from leading manufacturers. We all sell this as single items normally not available to the end-user/hobbyist.

Qables HiFi interconnect cables

Top notch performance for fair value pricing. That is what Qables tries to achieve by building their own interconnect cable line. Mostly used is a solid core Silver/Gold alloy wire, giving a true and unbelievable transparent sound transmission between your devices.