About us

Qables is a small company situated in Nuenen near Eindhoven, the technical capitol of the Netherlands where big multinationals are based such as Philips, VDL and ASML.

Here it all began as Hans Oosterwaal, the founder and owner of Qables, who is a technical engineer, realised that there could be a better sound quality when using portable hifi. Hans, also a real head-fi enthusiast, began with the development of high quality interconnects between portable music players and headphone amplifiers which were not at all present at that time. A thorough research and numerous prototypes further, he developed a range of interconnects of superb sonic performance: The Qables range!
Each model is meticulously handcrafted, using the finest materials such as pure copper, silver and gold and is available in a range of various performances form the affordable Performance Line to the golden choice of connoisseurs: The Goldcab. But having the highest resolution possible from your musicplayer won’t give you the highest performance if the amplification of your headphones isn’t done properly..

Therefore we can offer you the iQube. A small but powerfull litte amplifier which is able to achieve the highest performance from your carefully chosen headphones.

Hans has developed the iQube with two established desigeners, BrunoPutzeys and Guido Tent. iQube offers you Powerfull Class D ampilication, the use of the finest components available and top notch digital performance. Our latest model: the iQube V5 is our latest development. With a complete re-design of nearly every part, the iQube V5 really is the best performing iQube we have designed to date. We are proud that the iQube is an all Dutch product. We are cooperating with local manufacturers producing the iQubes’ all metal housing and advanced quad layer medical grade PCB.

Further we can offer you a wide range of D.I.Y. components for both amateur and professional use. Here you can also find high quality components, from dock connectors, sleeving or the finest wiring .

We are confident our products will maximize your experience while listening to your favourite music and hope to hear from you in the near future.

Hans Oosterwaal and Erik Paulus