Silvercab Hybrid

This new developed audio interlink cable design has been based on the Silvercab-pro line which uses Mundorf silver/gold alloy signal leads. However for the Hybrid the central return/ground has been chosen for OCC copper. We have chosen OCC, a single crystalline copper (created by a special annealing process) with a higher performance then the more known OFC or HOFC. This gives the Hybrid a profound more detail and a further extend in the lows. This adding of a copper return wire really enhances the performance of the cable. The low/mids are more pronounced and better defined then by a full silver/gold wired cable. It make the whole sound spectrum more balanced and has a better dynamics. Specially for Jazz, Rock and Popular music. As I had always been a more silver oriented person I did not expect that adding copper in the design would make such a difference. But when I started proto typing with OFC I knew it was a winner. And then I ran across a company manufacturing OCC copper. Once I used their copper, that really blew me in the face. I wish you all many happy listening hours.