Silvercab Pro

Our third original cable design. Quite a long time I had been thinking how to fill the huge price and performance gap between the Silvercab and the Goldcab. I could not exactly figure out how I could make an acceptable step in performance and at the same an justifiable step in the price gap. But I happen to come across this German company, Mundorf, specialised in the production of Silver/Gold alloy wire. They produce a high quality alloy between Silver and 1% pure Gold. Goldplated was something that I already tried out but I could not really justify the sound benefits against the price increase for such wire versus standard Silver. It would cost me more in wire costs then I actually found back in sound performance. Now Mundorf manufactures a real alloy, that means melted and then extruded to wire, between pure silver and 1% pure gold and the alloy really makes a huge sonically difference in respect to silver only or goldplated silver. It seems that the melting creates a much more balanced and even crystal structure all through the silver then you can ever hope to realise with only plating the outer rims. I have build the first cables and the feedback I get from them is really amazing. Every thing you expect from silver with the ‘touch’ of the transparency of gold. Here is what Mundorf say about their wire: The mixture of silver plus 1% gold has proven itself excellently as capacitor film for the MCap® Supreme Silver/Gold series capacitors. The resulting sound was so impressive that it was only natural to think of using this alloy for the internal wiring of electronic devices. Listening tests with individually isolated conductors quickly proved that silver/gold shows its superior strengths every bit as convincingly in this application as well. Purity and elegance are the terms that automatically lend themselves to this exquisite material. We offer the silver/gold wire in various diameters and insulated in PTFE. So I have introduced a new set of LOD’s based on the Silver/Gold Mundorf wire called: Silvercab-pro.